Palmer JP1

Palmer JP1Palmer JP1
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Palmer JP1-TS - our Palmersport JP1 Track Sport replaced the earlier Roadsport version that we had which in turn replaced the slightly faster but infinitely more fragile Radical SR3.

Price: £1795.00

£1,495.83 ex VAT

Additional Drivers
Helmet Hire
Preferred Date
Video & Data

1000 available.


The JP1 is a full on assault on your senses, the batmobile looks combined with the three litre Cosworth built Jaguar V6 mated to a full race spec Hewland FTR 6 speed sequential gearbox provides an amazing track experience.  Our car is one of around 15 customer cars built expertly by Palmersport in Bedford and they are not to be confused with the lesser powered cars on the Bedford Autodrome experience days. 

From the moment you sit in the car, press the starter button and configure the display on the stack steering wheel you will feel you are in something special.  The LED Stack Steering wheel shows you gear, rpm, shift lights and all of the other information that you need, the gearbox will chatter as you pull away and once up to speed on the circuit the flat shift system means you keep your foot to the floor and simply pull back the lever to change up as you fire through the six speeds on the way to the other side of 150mph on some circuits. 

Like all of our cars you can specify the addition of a Video & Data package to take away the video of your day with a data overlay and separate data analysis file, highly valuable if you are looking to improve your driving or if you just want a great record of your day.


Further Information

 track day car hire from track-club is not your typical red letter day type experience - our cars are hired out on an exclusive basis and we manage the day as if the car is your own car for the day.

 Typically a track day will start at around 0800 with driver sign on, either before or after the safety briefing a track-club technician will introduce you to your car and instructor (if you have booked an instructor).  Once you are briefed and you are comfortable in the car and familiar with the controls you will be free to take to the track at your leisure.  Our cars do not have artificial rpm limits and we only expect that drivers to treat the car as they would their own.  The car should have around 15-20 minutes rest in each hour of driving to allow for fuelling, oil checks, tyre pressure setting etc.  Your hire ends at the end of the track event.

 You can share a car with as many drivers as you like subject to payment of the additional driver premium but we recommend no more than 3-4 drivers per car to allow a sensible amount of driving time for each driver.  We do not count an ARDS instructor as an additional driver if you are receiving tuition and they want to demonstrate a technique to you.

  The hire fee includes;

 -          exclusive use of the car at the your chosen track day

 -          the car is prepared in our motorsport workshop, delivered to the circuit, cleaned and made ready in your allocated garage or in the paddock

 -          insurance subject to the vehicle specific excess, typically £2500

 -          full technical support, one of our technicians will aid you with harnesses and manage fuel, tyre pressures and suspension settings

 -          all fuel included for sessioned track events, first tank of fuel included on open pit lane events with additional fuel subsidised at £1.00 per litre

 track-club can arrange the booking of your preferred track day and co-ordinate track fees, tuition, car hire and any other services on your behalf.