track-club Membership


The principle behind the club is similar to other membership based performance car hire clubs; an annual membership fee buys you a set number of points which you then exchange against the use of the car that you wish to use for a specific day (points can also be used for other services that we offer and in addition can be topped up or carried over).

Points are allocated to cars based upon a number of factors including running costs, value, speed etc. There is no premium for weekend use and a points discount applies from November through to February.

In general the points system saves members at least 12.5% over standard daily rates, however there are a number of other savings as membership covers two drivers so you can also save up to £175 per day on second driver fees. track-club also provides instructors at preferential rates for members who would like tuition and discounts are available with most reputable track day operators.

We currently offer a choice of 2 membership levels differing only in the total number of points allocated (3,500 at Monza level and 7,500 at Monaco level) and thus the numbers of days of hire that you can reasonably expect to get in any one membership period.

We like to maintain an open and honest approach to the way in which we run the club so in the spirit of this we need to tell you about the controls we put in place on our cars. These controls exist to protect both the cars and the collective interest of all of our members, however they have been designed in such as way as not to detract from your enjoyment and ensure that the experience is as good as undertaking the event in your own car.

Rev limits

no restrictive limits are put on any of our cars, all of them run the standard manufacturers rpm limit thus allowing you to enjoy the car as if it were your own. All that we ask is that you respect the engine as if it were your own. All cars incorporate sophisticated RPM logging equipment which will indicate if at any time an "overspeed" has occurred.

Time restrictions

Cars can be used for up to 40 minutes in every hour. This restriction serves the collective interests of all our members and also stems from our commitment to safety - it is simply not possible for the average driver to maintain the concentration levels required when driving at track pace for any longer than this period

Insurance excess

Each car has, what we feel, is an appropriate liability limit for each car. This is set typically where an insurance excess would be if you were to insure your own car of equivalent value with a reputable track day insurer. For those members who wish to reduce or eliminate the excess we are happy to arrange this without margin via our approved on track insurers Everitt Boles.

We do appreciate that a track-club membership is a significant investment however we are confident from both our member retention rate, customer feedback and our own analysis of track day running costs that it represents the best way to do cost effective track driving.

Unless you have the time to undergo more than 15 track days per year then hiring cars will save you money versus the true costs of ownership for a typical track car including the likes of the Lotus Exige, BMW M3, Mitsubishi Evo, Caterham R300 and many others. Track time is precious, make the most of it and leave the non fun bits to someone else. With a track-club membership you just book your track day, tell us what car you want and then drive to the circuit - your track-club car will be waiting fully prepared with a technician to support you in the pit garage.

Just get in and drive!