2ZZ ARP Flywheel Bolts


A complete set of ARP flywheel bolts to replace standard 2ZZ flywheel bolts. Standard 2ZZ Flywheel bolts are not reusable and will break inside the crankshaft if re-used.


This is for a complete set of 8 ARP Flywheel bolts to replace your standard Toyota 2ZZ flywheel bolts. The standard bolts are stretch bolts and are good for one use only, if you try and re-use them there is a very high risk of the bolt snapping into the crankshaft. ARP flywheel bolts are reusable and we are yet to have a problem with reusing them. They are also a lot stronger than standard bolts and increase reliability. Each set comes with a sachet of ARP lubrication and installation instructions. These instructions contain torque settings for the bolts and instructions on the application of the ARP bolt lubrication. These instructions should be followed exactly for perfect installation every time.