2ZZ-GE Uprated Oil Pump Gears/Rotors


Track Group E24 uprated Oil Pump Gears.


track-group’s own uprated oil pump gears/rotors.  These rotors are designed by us and we get them specially manufactured for the motorsport industry. Standard Toyota gears work fine in road cars but when you put them in a high powered lotus race car they don’t tend to cope and usually shatter. This causes a loss in oil pressure big enough to cause catastropic engine damage.

Our Track Group 2ZZ rotors are made from EN24 (4130)(817M40) and have a matt polish finish. This gear set is particularly useful for engines that have high peak to peak torque ( I,E The crankshaft oscillates) resulting in the standard oil pump gears cracking.
This is normally found in engines that are used for competition due to several things
such as light weight flywheel – sintered clutches – solid centre clutches – state cut gear boxes – flat shifting of the gears and down shifting using engine braking to name a few.

Each set of rotors comes with its own quality control sheet that checks all of the relevant clearances. We thoroughly check all of our components after manufacture.

Literally hundreds of these gears are out in engines world wide and track-group’s own Powertrain division uses them in every single 2ZZ Engine Assembly.  The should only be fitted by an experienced engine builder and normal engine build protocols are expected to be followed.  If you are unsure or want to buy a fully assembled pump please see our other products or talk to us about our engine build services.