2ZZ-GE Xylan Oil Pump /w Uprated Gears/Rotors


Xylan coated oil pump housing with Track Group E24 uprated oil pump gears.

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This is for a Xylan coated oil pump housing with a set of Track Group own oil pump gears. The Xylan coating gives lots of properties that are beneficial to motorsport and for an oil pumps application. The coating makes the metal less corrosive, is more wear resistant and reduces friction between the gears and the housing.

Our Track Group 2ZZ rotors are made from EN24 (4130)(817M40) and have a matt polish finish. This gear set is particularly useful for engines that have high peek to peek toque ( I,E The crankshaft oscillates) resulting in the standard oil pump gears cracking.
This is normally found in engines that are used for competition due to several things
such as light weight flywheel – sintered clutches – solid centre clutches – state cut gear boxes – flat shifting of the gears and down shifting using engine braking to name a few.

Each set of rotors comes with its own quality control sheet that checks all of the relevant clearances. We thoroughly check all of our components after manufacture.