2ZZ Short Motor Rebuild


This is for a rebuild of your suitable existing Toyota 2ZZ-GE Engine (no damage to the cylinder head/valvetrain) using a new Toyota Short Block motor.

  • Oil Pump

    • 0 £


    • ARP Con-rod Bolts 0 £
    • ARP Flywheel Bolts 0 £
    • Cosworth Headgasket 0 £
    • Track Group Baffled Sump (Exchange) 0 £
    • Track Group Modified Oil Pick Up (Exchange) 0 £
    • Sandwich plate conversion (-10 JIC) for external oil cooler 0 £
    • 330mm Mocal Laminova oil cooler with -10 braided oil hoses 0 £
    • Stainless steel/ black nitride Inlet & Exhaust valve set 0 £
    • Race Valve Spring & Titanium retainer upgrade 0 £
    • Track Group Uprated Camshafts 0 £
    • Thermal Inlet / Exhaust manifold gasket set 0 £
    • HKS Spark Plug Upgrade (Recommended for Supercharged) 0 £

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If you have got a tired Toyota 2ZZ-GE that needs rebuilding or has a bottom end failure then we can rebuild it for you and return you a new engine. We take your old engine, scrap the bottom end short block and replace it with a brand new Toyota 2ZZ-GE Short block. We then refresh your cylinder head before putting your engine back together. This includes lapping in the valves, a thorough clean and inspection and cleaning of every component to ensure it is suitable for rebuild. If any machine work is required to the head such as refacing or valve seats cutting there will be an additional cost.

The brand new parts included in this rebuild are as follows:

  • Toyota-supplied short motor assy (exchange)
  • Toyota standard oil pump
  • Toyota gasket set
  • Cylinder head bolt set
  • Toyota timing chain
  • Toyota chain guides (pair)
  • Toyota crankshaft chain pulley
  • Toyota chain tensioner
  • Set of NGK spark plugs

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