Race Toyota 2ZZ-GE Short Block


A short block for one of our Toyota 2ZZ-GE Race engines found in our Lotus 211 Race cars. We supercharge these engines and can achieve 350bhp at the flywheel with a HKS Supercharger kit.

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Our Toyota Race 2ZZ-GE engines are used in all of our Lotus 211 Race cars at every Lotus Cup UK meet and are very competitive engines with dozens of race wins, fastest laps and Ryan Savage finishing 2nd in his Lotus 211 in the Lotus Cup UK series 2016.

Our Raze 2ZZ’s are composed of some of the best engine parts that help make them an incredible engine. The upgrades from a standard 2ZZ include:

  • ┬áNikasil coated 2ZZ Block
  • ACL Race Main Bearings
  • ACL Race Big End Bearings
  • Track Group Forged Race Pistons
  • Track Group Billet EN-24(4340) H-Beam Connecting Rods
  • Track Group Xylan coated Oil Pump with uprated EN-24 Steel Gears
  • ARP Rod Bolts
  • Uprated Main bolts

These engines are optimised to be supercharged but can be run naturally aspirated.

Please note that this is for a short block on an exchange basis. If you require a race head please contact us as we can supply this separately. If you do not supply us with your own short block there will be a surcharge.