Performance Servicing Centre

Until 2019 track-club operated largely for motorsport customers but with increasing numbers of our race customers also wanting services for the road vehicles.  With that in mind we decided to put more time into developing a road car service and support facility but with an emphasis on the higher accuracy and service levels expected and drilled in from our motorsport roots.

Our commitment to making sure we go the extra mile in attention to detail, offering the customer options and detail that you simply don’t get from ‘regular garages’ and by understanding what exactly the customer wants, needs and expects.

In the motorsport world we are used to talking about specific geometry settings for different driving styles or different circuits – we will look at different oil grades and brands depending on whether we are preparing an engine for a 24 hour endurance race or a short sprint race – we now want to extend this level of understanding to the discerning road car client who wants to understand the details behind the action on their vehicle.

Likewise this extends to components such as brake pads, discs, suspension choice and many other components – if you as a customer come in with your car and explain that you want to do track days and it will only be used for short road trips and only goes out in dry weather then you will receive very different advice and options on tyres, camber settings, brake pad material and brake cooling then if you wanted a compliant car capable of dealing with all weathers for long cruises across Europe.

To understand how better to serve you we take the time to understand what you want, what you have and how you want to use it.

We can also provide a range of other services including storage, transportation in a range of open or covered trailers and if we can’t do it ourselves, we can manage any automotive related process on the planet and still take the responsibility for it being done right, first time!