Track Day Services

track-club provide a range of value add services to the track day market, these services range from technical support providing oil, brake products, tyres etc at a track day through to a fully managed arrive drive service and of course our market leading track day car hire services.

Track day car hire

we can provide a range of cars for you to drive on any UK or European track event.  We will provide any combination of services ranging from simple provision of a fully supported car at a track event through to full event management where we can deal with the track day booking, provision of an instructor and even a local hotel.


Arrive drive track day support

for those with their own track car but you may want a managed service, we can store, prepare and deliver your car to the circuit.  On the day one of our race technicians will deal with routing checks, fuelling, tyre pressures etc and then your car will be returned to our base for preparation ready for your next outing.  An ideal service for those who want their own car but don’t want the issues associated with trailers, maintenance etc.


Wheel & tyre support

for the serious track day driver who drives to the circuit but ideally wants to run a track focused tyre.  Our wheel and tyre support service is available at all Gold Track, The Racing Line and RMA track events.  We will store your track wheels and tyres, clean and balance them in between events and our technicians will fit them to your car at the start of the day and then replace your road wheels at the end of the day as well as managing your tyre pressures through the event.   One of the key benefits of this service is that it allows you to run your track day tyres down past the legal road minimum and not worry about having to drive home on them.


Track day tyre & technical support

We carry popular track day tyre sizes and brake pads in stock on our track support van which attends all Gold Track, RMA and The Racing Line Events.  Contact us if you  would like to pre order tyres, brakes or other routing service items for fitting trackside – a useful service if you want to get the last mm out of your tyres and then fit some new ones for the drive him.  We supply all the leading brands including Michelin, Pirelli, Toyo and Yokohama tyres.  Our Performance Centre operates a specialist brake and tyre operation and we supply Performance Friction, Pagid and Mintex brake pads amongst others.  We can also bleed your brakes at track and carry out basic repairs and maintenance.