Arrive & Drive Hire

Arrive drive is our primary service offering;  we give you access to a superb fleet of track day machinery ranging from the Renaultsport Clio Cup 182 to the Palmer JP1-TS, also available is the very popular Exige S, our Elise R race cars and the one of the best track cars around the Porsche 997 GT3-RS.  Track day car hire starts from just £625 per day including fuel, insurance, delivery and technical support.  Our package makes it as easy as simply arriving at the sign-on, attending the briefing and then getting out on track.

To make the whole experience as effortless as possible we take over all responsbility for getting your chosen vehicle to and from the track and a member of the track-club team will be on hand throughout the day to attend to both the vehicle and you. We also don’t confine you to the UK; we can (and regularly do!) take cars to Spa-Francorchamps and other popular European circuits.

Palmer JP1-TS

Unlike other organisations, our key difference is that we do not require you to have an accompanying instructor in the car with you.  Whilst we recommend and can provide a high quality ARDS approved instructor for virtually every level of driver we do not insist that you have one therefore leaving you free to enjoy the day at your own pace, take passengers and share the car with other drivers.

Cars can be used for up to 40 minutes in every hour giving over 5 hours of potential driving time depending, of course, on the format of the track day. We do insist on a 15-20 minute break each our to allow time for fuelling, preventative maintence and cool down.  This ensures that the car(s) get a rest and thus mitigates the risk of a failure, we have a 99.9% reliability rate on our fleet and we often have a spare car available in the unlikely event of an issue.

Cars are delivered to the track and come with technical support, after a short briefing on the car and controls you are free to enjoy the day and our technician will remain on hand to take care of tyre pressures, fuel and all the other checks that ensure your day passes without incident. You can, of course, share a car with friends or colleagues for a small additional premium making the day even more cost effective.

A number of options are available with car hire to cater for virtually every level of driver and every possible requirement, if you have any particular requests just contact us and ask.  We will do our best to make it happen;

  • on board video including data overlay
  • data logging
  • helmet hire
  • track tuition
  • race tuition
  • test day hire
  • race hire
  • group events