Your Own Track Car – Support

Track SupportTrack car support

track-club provide customers with full arrive drive track day support.

If you want to run a properly track focused car but don’t necessarily want to get involved with the burden of trailering it around, arranging maintenance, pre track preparations, transporting jerry cans of fuel and the other off track activities then we can help.

  • secure storage
  • insurance
  • prep track preparation
  • delivery to circuit
  • trackside support from a track-club technician
  • fuel provision

A typical arrive drive track customer leaves his car with track-club where it is securely stored, the battery is trickle charged and cars can be stored wheels off if they are used only infrequently.  We can handle all track day arrangements including booking the day with the track day organiser, hotel requirements if required.

Prior to the event the car receives a wheels off inspection and full check of brakes, steering, suspension and other critical areas.

track-club then deliver the car to the circuit, carry out the noise test where required and get the car ready to go on track for the start of the day whilst you sign on and attend the drivers briefing.

A track-club technician will then look after fuel, set up adjustments, tyre pressures etc throughout the day leaving you free to focus on your driving.  We can also provide data and video support where required.

More and more track day drivers are moving away from heavy compromise cars such as the GT3-RS and into more track focused machinery such as the excellent and durable Palmer JP1, Radical SR3 or SR8, Lotus 2-Eleven or even a full race car such as a lightweight Porsche Cup Car, Ligier or Juno Speed series cars etc.

There are a number of benefits;

  • no need to worry about road legal tyres
  • more cost effective to run when all true vehicle costs accounted for
  • quicker, more flattering track cars to drive
  • ideal intermediate step to going racing should you wish to

track-club can assist you in not just looking after and supporting your track car but we can provide advice on what to buy that will suit your needs and help to source the correct car for you.  When the time comes to move on we’ll also help you sell the car or make the transition into an alternative.

The future of track days in your own car is here!