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track-group to offer finance options on motorsport components

track-group Ltd has successfully achieved FCA compliance and teamed up with Pay4Later and Close Brothers to be able to offer retail finance on its range of motorsport parts.  We believe this is the first time that customers will be able to spread the cost of the race engine over the course of a season or even longer.engine4

Engines, electronics and safety equipment are getting ever more expensive even at club level and with high end video and data systems, engine control and other electronics representing a significant investment for competitors over several years of racing we think that this will be a significant benefit to customers who want to invest in quality.  Virtually all products ont he track-group website including engines and high end race electronics are now available on low or zero rate interest over 12 – 36 months.

track-group see many customers who understand that putting the right quality component on a car can have significant benefits in terms of both performance and reliability but often drivers are forced to compromise due to budget restrictions which in turn compromises performance an d reliability.  If we can help spread the costs of these items and low or sometimes non existent interest rates it will allow drivers with more modest budgets to compete on a more level playing field with the big spenders in a series.

track-group represent a number of premium motorsport brands and we focus on only supplying what we use on our own vehicles – these premium brands can be a difficult to justify luxury for some customers who compromise their reliability and performance according to budget.  track-group can help avoid those compromises.

As well as premium brands like Racelogic and ATL track-group will also offer their own engine and gearbox build services and even bespoke wiring loom and electronic systems design.Video VBOX Lite 2 camera option

Premium motorsport brands looking for quality and pro-active dealer support can also contact track-group MD Stephen Docherty via if they think their brand can benefit from an association with track-group.