Lotus / Toyota – 2ZZ

Almost every post 2004 Lotus uses a Toyota variant engine of one format or another.  track-group have extensive experience of all of them but have particular expertise in the Toyota 2ZZ four cylinder 1798cc (Lotus Elise 111r & Lotus Exige up to 2012).

We generally have new and rebuilt 2ZZ engines in stock at all times in both standard and uprated specification. We have significant development experience with this engines and have options up to 360bhp for a 1.8l Forced Induction 2ZZ.

Our 2ZZ engine won the Lotus Cup UK Championship in the hands of Steve Train in his Lotus 2-Eleven.

We can offer a full new build option with our without ancillaries and engine management or a more straightforward rebuild of your own failed or failing engine.   As with all of our engine options we can provide a full test and verification service on our in house engine dyno, engines are full post dyno checked prior to dispatch and you can go straight into a qualifying lap with confidence.

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact us at info@track-group.com