Toyota / Lotus – 2GR

With the introduction on the Evora in Lotus’s lineup in 2009, The 2GR supercharged V6 has been the only engine to power the Evora. The 2GR has gone through several changes through the years steadily increasing the power from 345 to 450 BHP in some special editions.

The 2GR also replaced the supercharged 2ZZ Exige (which made around 260 HP) to create the Exige S back in 2012 producing around 350 HP (nearly 100 HP more than the previous engine). It is still used today but with a power increase of up to 430 HP from factory.

There was also a special engine produced in partnership with Cosworth, that took the engine from a 3.5L supercharged V6 to a 4.0L naturally asperated V6. Which was specifically built for racing.

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